An Introduction to Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder

DID picture

There are many things that one encounters as a result of Dissociation and D.I.D, the signs and symptoms I guess that are a part of our everyday life. I thought it might be good to share just a few of these with you and to re-post a video I uploaded a few weeks ago that might also explain things.

I hope you find all this information helpful and it enables people to understand more about the rather complex issue of dissociation and  the most extreme form of dissociation namely D.ID.

Body Symptoms

Pain, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and the occasional though now rare dissociative seizures that basically means one of my alters is shutting us down.

Emotional symptoms

Sudden changes of mood, feeling detached from my feelings, depression, compulsions and rituals things like checking and rechecking that doors are locked and no one is hiding under the bed.

Social and attachment issues

Shame and self loathing, terror of abandonment, difficulty understanding or correctly interpreting  other peoples emotions and  low self worth.

Verbal, non-verbal and visual signs

Changes in posture, handwriting, eye contact and vocabulary , this can mean using words that are totally out of character for someone of my age, we also use pluralistic terminology so ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ for example. Switching between the different alters and having no recall of doing so.

Clues from our personal history

History of abuse and childhood trauma at the hands of one of my care givers, an inability to make decisions, and a poor work/life balance, gaps in our memory of our past that cannot be explained by normal forgetfulness.

Other signs of dissociation

Child like behaviours, gaps in our current day memory, loss of time, confusion over our identity – not knowing who we are,  extreme Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms including flashbacks.

Obviously this is just a few of the things that impact our daily life, it would be impossible to write a full list in just one blog. I know each person with dissociation or D.I.D  is different and their signs and symptoms maybe very different from my own so please bare that in mind.

Finally a few weeks ago I shared this video of my story of Living with D.I.D. I am posting it again here for those who missed it first time round. my hope is that this will enable more people to understand what life is like for those of us with a dissociative disorder.

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One thought on “An Introduction to Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder

  1. Tho never diagnosed I can see this is me to a tee. I am improving with time and medication and counselling. I get embarrassed about my behaviour and don’t understand it. But thank you for clarifying, it helps to know Im not the only one. Some people don’t realise how much damage they can cause a young child when they abuse them.

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