Art and creativity from a multiples perspective.

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Today I came across some of my old art work and it has been strange looking back. Most of the art I uncovered was completed during my bleakest of days and is quite revealing.

art 5

Now I don’t profess to being a skilled artist because I am certain that I am not, but art is such a useful tool to express inner emotions and deeply hidden thoughts. I find it very useful and relaxing too I can immerse myself in creativity and allow myself the freedom of expression.

I have recently embarked on using art as part of my healing journey because of this I am more aware that some pieces of work offer huge insights into my own thoughts and my alters too.


So this evening I have been reviewing the different pieces of work that I found and it’s quite eye opening and if I am honest fascinating.

I can look at a picture and see the differences within the piece that indicates more than one part of me has participated in its creation. Different strokes or techniques for example can sometimes be easily recognised or quite subtly hidden.

art 3

Analysing one picture against another is a bit like looking at a collection of pieces created by different individuals and I can see that some of my alters like painting flowers, another buildings, another landscapes and others seem focused on a mix medium of words and shapes.

I am no expert and I cannot interpret my artwork to understand the hidden meanings contained within them, but I am beginning to realise that art has a useful role to play in my healing. I can recognise certain themes that have continued through the years to this day and I realise that I need to set time aside to do more art.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, I believe that in my case as a multiple my pictures allow my alters to speak without the need for any verbal communication.


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One thought on “Art and creativity from a multiples perspective.

  1. It’s an interesting area.

    A young person I worked with who was brewing DID found art therapy (I was fortunate to work in a service with art therapists) helpful in unpicking her emotions, abusive experiences, her responses to them, then trying to integrate all that and recover a sense of self.

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