My favourite Symbolism of Dissociative identity disorder


Hello from Norway. …I have decided to do a short blog.

I think the Russian doll symbolises Dissociative Identity Disorder for me.  My alters are basically parts of me that are often hidden away, I’m  told I switch from one part to another and I sometimes feel them too yet in truth I am often not aware of what is hidden inside of me – just like a Russian doll in that you can’t see what or how many parts are inside.

In time I am hoping to find out more about the parts deep within me, those parts who often take control over this body and make me lose time.

The fact is that during holiday all of me has been on this trip. I am thankful that I managed to be present on the husky ride, something that I desperately wanted to do.

Yet if I’m honest quite a few of me witnessed the spectacular Northern lights.  Some of me were very excited at seeing this natural phenomenon and my feelings were bouncing around as I switched from one alter to another. 

This is a picture of the lights we witnessed, my apologies for the poor quality of picture but we are writing this blog on a phone, not the easiest way to write a blog.


In many ways I’m glad I was able to share this experience with other parts of me as I wanted this trip to be for all of us even though I chose the destination and itinerary for me. 

Having D.I.D has made this holiday more of a challenge but I am beginning to realise that it was the right thing to do.

I end this post with some more pictures of my trip so far. Internet signal allowing I’ll post again soon. 









Copyright DID Dispatches 2014


One thought on “My favourite Symbolism of Dissociative identity disorder

  1. Those pictures are quite something! Especially the one of the NL’s. Thanks for sharing. Experiencing a place like that myself is only a dream and probably always will be so it is nice to at least get to see other peoples pictures of it all! Thanks x

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