Exciting News

I have never given this blog over to anyone else but today’s  exciting news in the New Years Honours for a stalwart of the D.I.D. Community makes it seem a fitting thing to do.

For those who don’t know First Person Plural founder Kathryn Livingstone was included in the New Years Honours list. She has been awarded a British Empire Medal for services to people with a Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can find our more here.

I’d like to start by offering my congratulations to Kathryn she has certainly raised the profile of D.I.D in the UK and seems a worthy person to include her news on this blog.

Here’s Kathryn letter regarding today’s news which at long last recognises Dissociative Identity Disorder, those living with D.I.D and those working within this field.


I can’ t believe I’ve received a British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours. It’s an amazing honour recognising the work of First Person Plural, the charity I co-founded way back in 1997. I suspect this is the first time ever that an honours listing has cited “For services to People with Dissociative Identity Disorder”. I don’t see this honour as mine alone but for everyone involved in First Person Plural over the last 20 years and for all those who live with DID. It is a great recognition for the field of Dissociative Identity Disorder as a whole. I’ve been keeping this secret for about six weeks on the orders of the Cabinet Office. It’s a great relief to be able share widely at last. Please feel free to pass on the good news. 


Thank you to the FPP trustees who nominated me and special thanks to those of you who wrote supporting letters. It’s been 3 years since I was asked if I’d agree to be nominated and  at the time I said yes only because I saw the possibility of racing the profile of FPP and getting recognition for DID. I had nothing further to do with completing the nomination, so in all honesty I had totally forgotten about it. When I first opened the official letter, it took me a while to reconnect to the memory of agreeing to be nominated, so it’s contents were a big shock at first. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of conflicting thoughts and feelings since, but I am humbled and proud to be given this honour. 

I have no idea when I’ll actually receive the gong, I know the presentation won’t be at the palace. It’s the Lord Leuitenant of West Midlands who’ll do the deed, not royalty. But I will get an invite to a Royal garden party at Buckingham Palace during the summer of 2018. Will I have to wear a hat, I wonder? Don’t really do hats except the functional woolly winter kind😀

Anyways I’ll leave you with that amazing news for now and wish you all a Happy New Year. 

All best wishes

Kathryn xxx



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