my words – a polite request

The content of this blog is mine, and as such I would ask that if anyone wishes to reproduce anything you have read on this blog, then please do so BUT if you do then can you please notify me of the fact and ensure that you make it clear that these are my words and not yours. Thank you in advance for your understanding and help.

8 thoughts on “my words – a polite request

  1. Hi, I saw somewhere you did a video on living with did? I run a very small secret Facebook group of about 40 of us with did and am always looking for good material to use on page. Can we please use your video.
    Thanx Suzy Boker

    • Hi suzy I am happy for people to view the video on my blog. I do not want for it to be uploaded/downloaded onto a different platform. (Facebook) this is so I can be more assured of its security. I hope you can understand. I wish you every success with your Facebook group. Kind Regards Carol

      • Hi carol, DAVID YEUNG already downloaded your video onto Facebook. I won’t use it now for my group but I wanted to let you know about this. Thanks for your kind consideration. Suzy Boker.

      • Hi suzy thank you for the information I didn’t know that.
        I am happy for you to link the blog post containing the video, by sharing the actual blog post on Facebook.
        I just didn’t want the video segment being ripped out of the blog.

  2. Hi carol,
    Thank you. We would never use material or rip bits from the blog without permission. We understand as we also write articles and had someone copy them remove our name , add their own and re-posted as their work. It’s wrong and hurtful. Hence our group now being secret and small. We have been encouraged by your blog as have and are continually going through the same fights and injustices within the NHS. We appreciate your work and it’s honesty it gives us a conection to another real person with the same struggles. We also have 17 living in this old body and our Facebook group isnt like the others as we believe in educating people on their conditions as in our experiance we often find ourselfs teaching the medical professionals so knollage is our weapon and armor.
    Thank you for your blog. Take care of you and yours. Suzy

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